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When things get tough

Things have been very hectic in my life lately.  Working long hours, no time for a break during the day to go for a walk, pressure/stress is high.  When situations like this come up where it is needed to do there isn’t really much time to take to do as many practices as normal.  It isn’t appropriate to walk away during a day of meetings to go and sit and meditate.

It is in these times where I feel it is really important to strive for self awareness and learning about myself.  On the other hand it is during these times where I find it really difficult to remember to do it.  Catch twenty two. This is something that Belzebuub has spoken of in the past.

I feel that if in these times I can learn to do this work then the amount of learning would rapidly increase.  Maybe the focus on the spritual isn’t strong enough?  Maybe it’s seeing that I forget during these times that I can notice what my inner psychology really values?

Do others notice this?  What have you done to remember to do it?  Still figuring it out too?  Let’s discuss!

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Experience of Inner Change

I wanted to share an experience I had with the methods of inner change that Belzebuub describes.

I had always been rather shy.  Meeting people I wouldn’t really say much just let them rule the conversation.  At work in meetings I would sit back and let other people discuss things, not putting in my ideas/solutions unless I was specifically addressed.  Even then I would be in so much emotional turmoil worried about what others were thinking, whether anyone would like my idea, whether they would care that it was a rather painful experience all round.

I had known about the techniques of awareness, observation, and the psychological death that Belzebuub and other Gnostic Masters have taught humanity about.  However I seemed to allow all these emotions and behaviours to continue, not seeing it as a problem.  Something clicked in me and I saw how much it was holding me back in life, and I decided it had to change.

I began really trying to be aware in these situations, seeing all the emotions but never going against them.  I read in Secret Knowledge Hidden Wisdom that actions are really important.  So in addition to seeing all the emotions I started to go against what the ego wanted, I started to take part in those situations in life!

This made all the emotions and thoughts even more noticeable and all the more painful.  I really wanted this things to be gone!  I was seeing all this fear but I just couldn’t get the motive behind it.  What did it want?

I looked into my dreams each night and saw an aspect of the ego there, also using conscious OBEs.  During the day I would try and spot that aspect as much as I could, and at night I would do a meditation on that ego, gaining more understanding.  This generated some sort of momentum and continued for a number of months, gaining more and more of a picture of what this was.

Then the surprising thing happened.  I was in a meeting at work and my actions were spontaneous and natural.  I acted without all those emotions of fear and pride holding me back.  I recall observing myself doing this and being surprised and what I was doing.  How could this really be me?

The amount of freedom I felt in those moments was truly wonderful.  It wasn’t the freedom that we normally think of, like not having someone boss us around, but it was something more.  It was like a massive rock had been lifted off me, I felt lighter.  Best of all I started to take part in life and not sit back and watch others do it!

This also allowed other situations that would not have been able to come up previously to arise, being able to discover more about myself.

I really thank Belzebuub for proving these teachings to humanity.  I am truly grateful.

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Weekly Study 12-19 Apr 2011

I was reading this article by Belzebuub and a couple of things really stood out to me that I want to understand and implement.

It’s possible, even likely that someone who knows what the techniques of inner change are will not change in a meaningful way. Change involves sacrifice and humility and that is too high a price for most to pay

Wisdom requires preparation, preparing oneself to meet the standards required for it. To study the esoteric one must learn how to study for it.

Looks like some really interesting things to look into to find out how to get this work to work.

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Feelings of love

One of the best experiences I have had with the techniques taught by Belzebuub in his Peace of the Spirit Within book was at work.

This was by just using the first technique in the book, awareness.

Normally while in meetings I am judging and criticizing everything anyone says and everybody.  I was doing this and was noticing all the thoughts and feelings that were arising but I had the focus trying to be aware, trying to feel myself in that moment.  These critizisms kept on coming but I continued to strive for the awareness.

After a while a feeling of genuine care, compassion, love started to emanate from within me.  It wasn’t something that I had to think about, to put myself in their shoes, it was just there.  More to the point I couldn’t separate it from me, it was me!  It didn’t have any motive or desire behind it, it just was.

This was an eye opener to just exactly how I could feel and what I truly am.  All too often I am filled with anger, fear, pride, jealously.  All these things are at their root selfish – they want something.  Being free of them even for a moment is really liberating and worth striving for.

It really makes me wonder what is possible with this Gnostic work.

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Experiments with Astral Projection

I wanted to share some things things that I’ve experimented with and have worked the astral techniques taught by Belzebuub in his Astral Travel and Dreams book. I find that the description of the exercises are simple and to the point, but to actually understand what is being said it takes a fair bit of experimenting.

    Morning Practices. Most of my experiences happen in the morning. I experimented with how much sleep I needed before I started my morning astral practices to get the optimal results. This also incorporated how long I needed to be awake for before I started the practice. This seemed to be flexible and depended a lot on how tired I was and my energy levels. Note: if you try this be reasonable and don’t get yourself sick, listen to your body and how much sleep it needs. It seems a lot harder to do if I am overly tired or sick.

    Preparation Practices.
    I tried a number of different practices during the period I was awake for in the morning (before the astral practices) to see what helped me the most with astral projection. For me mantras and awareness work well.Number of wake ups. Say I had 2hrs of astral practice in the morning, I played with how many wake-ups I would do in this time. The practices ranged from 1.5hrs all the way down to 4mins. I found that by having an alarm going off every 4mins allowed me to go to sleep and wake up a lot during this period which helped to learn the process of sleep. If I didn’t move when the alarm went off then I could project within a couple of seconds (this happened up to 20 times a number of mornings, most often at least 4-8 proper projections).

    Experimentation with Concentration.
    I tried to figure out and understand what the concentration was for and what level of concentration was needed. For the morning practices it seems that I don’t need to be completely concentrated, only enough to be conscious of sleep taking place. However during the night time practices I find I need to be concentrated a lot more or I won’t fall asleep. I think this is mainly due to a misunderstanding of what concentration is and by doing practices in the morning sleep comes on a lot easier anyway and overshadows any mistakes being made. In relation to this I found it was more important to see the thoughts that were taking the concentration away and gently come back rather than trying to ensure my mind stayed on one thing. In the morning practices I found that I could still project when my mind went astray so long as I was conscious of it.

    Body Positions. I experimented with different body positions. I found that for me lying on my side is the most productive.

    Other Possible Considerations. Really trying to figure out how awareness and observation works as well as doing a meditation on an ego every day seemed to have a strong correlation with the amount of astral success I achieve. Wanting to use the astral for self knowledge seems to help too.

    Reason. Having a real reason to get into the astral seems important. If I really care about getting there my chances of success go up, it is easier to stay on the practice.

    Feeling. Feeling what is happening in the practice seems to be important for me, it helps me from becoming identified with the practice and realize when I have split.

    Not relying on the typical sensations. I find I cannot rely on any of the tell tale signs of projection (I’m normally not aware of them or I don’t get them). Whenever I get a feeling that I am projecting or have split I stand up. This has shocked me on some occasion where I genuinely thought I was in the physical but was in the astral.

    Beliefs about astral projection. I found questioning what I thought to be true about the techniques that are taught was very important. Most of the time I had misinterpreted what was written and kept trying in my own make believe world. It wasn’t until after I figured something out that I re-read the description and it made complete sense.

    Practicing A Lot. Only doing a practice ‘’as I go to bed’’ never got me anywhere with learning how to project. It was only when I started really going for it, practicing in the morning and at night that I made breakthroughs.

Has anyone tried anything else to achieve success with astral projection?

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Weekly Topic 6-11 Apr 2011

Belzebuub has recently put up an article on Spiritual Exercises which is really interesting.  Of note, and what I will be looking into this week is a part of psychological sleep and how to awaken from it.

You can experiment a little with awareness right now, just try and be here, try and be aware of this moment. Relax your body, sit comfortably, and try and perceive with your five senses what it is to be here. If you have a thought, come back to the perception of the now. Whatever the thought, come back to this moment.

By doing this, you’ll see that you are something other than just thoughts. Thoughts come and go, but you are something more. And what that is, is consciousness. This is what awakens; in it are your spiritual qualities. It’s not a thought; it’s not some idea of enlightenment, but you, the core, the root of you. This is what awakens; this is what you were when you were a baby and what you’ve kept as you’ve grown through life. Thoughts, emotions, they all change, but this is the central part of what it is to be human.

Now this awakening is counteracted by something which falls on the psyche, which is called “sleep”, psychological sleep. And that psychological sleep is the daydreaming of the mind. If you tried to be aware, did you notice how difficult it was to keep it, how easy it is to slip into thoughts? That’s because the mind is so strong and you’re used to being in it. This is the sleep which many religions speak about, the sleep of perception. And this is what we’re waking up from.

This opens up some interesting points for me.  What do I need to pull out of this sleep?  How do I maintain it?  Why come out of the sleep?

Hopefully others will join in on this explorations this week and share their insights.